So I’m terrible at Blogging

I always forget that I have a blog and a website, and thus, a year will go by between posts and updates. I really need to do better at that, and so I shall.

Its been a good year. I’ve put querying Valkyrie on hold, I think it might need a good solid overhaul that I’m just not emotionally ready to give it. But I’ve been working on Essence a lot, and that one is really starting to come around. I am shooting to have it query ready by August so I can participate in #PitchWars with it.

I’ve written a few short stories, one more of a novelette that I’m really proud of. I might try and expand it to novella length if I can’t get it into a magazine at the length its at. I’m really trying to work on writing a short story that’s under 5k, one cause that’s a very manageable editing length, and two because that opens up a lot more places where I can try to submit.

So, the short of it, I’m alive, I’m writing nearly every day, and I’ve got some great ideas planned that I can’t wait to write.


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