Welcome to my website! This is where I will (hopefully) be keeping updates about the writing I am doing. Until I get published, it will mostly be updates on what level of editing I am on. Once I do get published, I will try and keep record of what that journey is going to be […]

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Daughter of the Western Winds

It’s official! My short story Daughter of the Western Winds is now available, published in Phantaxis Magazine alongside ten other scifi and fantasy stories. I am so excited to have it out there, as this hits a milestone in my writing that I’ve been working towards: actually getting paid for something I write. I hope […]

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New WIP: Epic Outlining

While I’ve been editing, and just recently started to query, Essence, I’ve been brainstorming and trying a new way of outlining for my next project. For those of you who I haven’t droned endlessly on about my writing process to, sit yourself right down and let me tell you a story. Okay, it’s less a […]

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Tough Week

So, about a week and a half ago I was in a car accident that ended up totaling the car I’ve had for 2 months. I was not hurt, but one of the people in the other car was not wearing a seat-belt and hit her head on the windshield pretty bad. I am hoping […]

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Heading back to school

So, many people may know that I’ve had this on and off relationship with higher education. We get along great for a semester or two, then I take a math class and it all goes to hell in a hand-basket, and I lose all my motivation to keep going. As such, I’m more than halfway […]

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I’ve been working on editing my Essence project all this year, and I am learning a lot from the process. The developmental edit I received from Jami Nord at Chimera Editing (http://www.chimeraediting.com ) was amazingly useful in knowing what I needed to work on, but also gave me some insight into what I might be doing alright […]

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