Hazel Blackmore knows everything there is to know about magic: from what essences are needed to enchant her way to the perfect cup of coffee, to solving complex potioning equations. The only thing stopping her from being the most competent practitioner the world has ever seen is her complete lack of magical ability, without with she can’t even begin to pull magic through the Veil. The best she can do is to work her ass off at her aunt Enid’s Essence Distillery to prove herself.

When Enid disappears and several of the essence brews start unraveling, Hazel has to rely on her own wits to find the solution to her problems. With the help of Leo, a charming courier with a dark past, they have to find Enid before an anti magic terrorist group and a black market gang do.

Only, Leo has an agenda of his own, and Hazel is in over her head. If she can’t find the solution to this problem, things might get worse than just losing some business. The Veil that holds magic back could tear and flood Denver with raw magic. And you know what they say about too much of a good thing…