Mark of the Valkyrie

Erin Hawke loves Scrabble, biking, and running Hawke’s Landing, the English pub in Seattle she inherited from her father. It’s a perfect life, except for the parts of it she inherited from her mother. Erin was born to the Valkyrie Sigrun, and is destined to be one of the Choosers of Slain meant to bring worthy souls to Valhalla. Her mother is disappointed, to say the least, that she’s not practicing with a spear or riding into battle reaping souls.

Sigrun decides there’s only one reasonable way to solve their impasse: send Erin to find the source of an interdimensional disturbance between the Nine Worlds or die trying. If Erin returns victorious she’ll be swept up with the rest of the Norse pantheon. If she fails, Sigrun has arranged for a tasteful funeral pyre. Either way, Erin will probably need to find someone to watch the pub.

Bartending didn’t prepare Erin to fight rock wyrms or Dark Elves, but she’s bright enough to know that Sigrun isn’t telling her the whole story. There are secrets in Valhalla that could make Ragnarok look like a nice day at the park. Maybe, if she can unravel the lies spun around her, Erin can save the day and get back to pouring mead before happy hour. Or maybe she’ll find out of Hel is any good at Scrabble.