Tough Week

So, about a week and a half ago I was in a car accident that ended up totaling the car I’ve had for 2 months. I was not hurt, but one of the people in the other car was not wearing a seat-belt and hit her head on the windshield pretty bad. I am hoping she is doing better.

As is the way with these things, we have to make payments on a car that now sits in a scrap yard for the next six months or so. I freaking loved that car, so I’m really bummed that its gone. Combined with the world news, which I watch like a train-wreak unfolding, my depression is kicking me a lot harder than usual. I’m really lucky to have my husband, who is going through a lot of stress at work with looming deadlines, but is still trying to help me in any way he can, and my parents who are lending me a car for a while since its gonna be months, if not a year, till we’re able to save up enough for another down payment.

I am doing what I can to keep moving, keep writing, and keep positive. Some days are easier than others, but I’m keeping on.

Instead of doing very much new writing, I’ve been working on brainstorming for my next project, and editing others. When my depression rears its apathetic head, I get overly critical of everything I write, so editing is a pretty decent way to channel this. Its a lot better than the whole lot of nothing I did for a few days right after the crash.

I’ve also been reading a bit more, and have finished two books (Magic Burns and A Darker Shade of Magic). I’m trying to read Man in the High Castle for book group, but I am having such a hard time getting into it. I think I’ll start Seafarer’s Kiss by Julia Ember tonight at work.

Moral of the story: Always wear a seat-belt, left hand turns will strike back eventually, and its okay if depression hits you for a while. Just make sure you hit it back before you get too battered.


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