Heading back to school

So, many people may know that I’ve had this on and off relationship with higher education. We get along great for a semester or two, then I take a math class and it all goes to hell in a hand-basket, and I lose all my motivation to keep going.

As such, I’m more than halfway through to an associates, but I still have no degree. Next year will be ten years since I graduated high school, (With a 3.8 GPA, mind) and I am determined to at least be on my way towards getting that freaking associates.

I’m still going to be writing as hard as I can, working part time, and tending to the child and the animals, but this is definitely something I need to be doing, even if its just to prove to myself that I can. The nice thing about school is that you have tracked, recordable progress.

Trying to get an agent/publisher has none of that. When I receive a form rejection on a query, all I know if that something about it didn’t click with the agent. I don’t know if it was my query, my first pages, or what. This is something that I understand is a part of the beast, agents simply do not have enough time to personalize rejections and keep atop their work load. I get it. But its really hard to deal with for months and years on end.

So, partly for my mental health, partly for my desire to finish something I started years ago, and partly to have something I can work hard on and get a quantified result, I am going back to the community college. On the plus side, they have an associates of English with an emphasis on creative writing, so I’ll be able to be taking classes that will help me with my writing. So it’s really a win all the way around.



2 thoughts on “Heading back to school

  1. Whoot! My school had a class called “Math for liberal arts”, which was basically a light form of statistics and probability, but with a lot of real world examples. I always struggled with math, simply because I didn’t do well with memorizing pointless crap. First A I ever got in a math class. Hopefully your school will have something similar.


    1. Yes, they do have a class like that! Its called quantitative literacy, I think. I was so glad when I was able to finally sign up for it. Took me 4 tries at college algebra to get the prereq for it, so it’s about time. đŸ™‚

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